Below you will find a list of all affiliates to include Elite, Top and Regular. If you would like to become an affiliate then please submit your information via this form! To become an Elite affiliate you need to have a really top notch site, for a top affiliate you need to have a quality designed site and some fairly good content. Anyone can become a regular affiliate!

Elite Affiliates

[http://] – Aaron Paul
[http://] – Anna Popplewell (Brasil)
[http://] – Colin Farrell
[http://] – Damian Lewis
[http://] – Emily Deschanel
[http://] – Eva Mendes
[http://] – Gillian Anderson
[http://] – Jared Leto
[http://] – Joaquin Phoenix
[http://] – Joaquin Phoenix
[http://] – Lana Parrilla
[http://] – Lauren Graham
[http://] – Leonardo DiCaprio
[http://] – Michelle Pfeiffer
[http://] – Morgan Saylor
[http://] – Rooney Mara

Top Affiliates

[http://] – Alexandra Chando
[http://] – Amanda Seyfried
[http://] – Autumn and Lucas Grabeel
[http://] – Ben Barnes
[http://] – Christina Aguilera
[http://] – Downton Abbey
[http://] – Elizabeth Mitchell
[http://] – Elizabeth Mitchell
[http://] – Emilie de Ravin
[http://] – Emma Roberts
[http://] – Hugh Jackman
[http://] – Jake Gyllenhaal
[http://] – Jennifer Morrison
[http://] – Jessalyn Gilsig
[http://] – Kaley Cuoco
[http://] – Kaley Cuoco
[http://] – Kate Winslet
[http://] – Lady Gaga
[http://] – Mandy Moore
[http://] – Meg Ryan
[http://] – Mila Kunis
[http://] – Natalia Oreiro
[http://] – Peter Facinelli
[http://] – Robert Downey Jr.
[http://] – Sherilyn Fenn
[http://] – Tiffani Thiessen


[http://] – Haven Hypnoweb
[http://] – Lily Collins & Kevin Zegers
[http://] – True Blood

Female Celebrities

[http://] – Alyssa Milano
[http://] – camilla belle daily
[http://] – Claire Danes
[http://] – Jane Seymour
[http://] – Jessica Parker Kennedy
[http://] – Julianna Margulies
[http://] – Kate Beckinsale
[http://] – Michelle Williams
[http://] – Mila Kunis
[http://] – Natalia Oreiro
[http://] – Nicole Richie
[http://] – Reese Witherspoon
[http://] – Saoirse Ronan
[http://] – Tatiana Maslany
[http://] – Vera Farmiga
[http://] – Willa Holland
[http://] – Zoe Saldana

Male Celebrities

[http://] – Boyd Holbrook
[http://] – Ewan McGregor
[http://] – Joseph Fiennes
[http://] – Josh Holloway
[http://] – Konstantino Atanassopulos
[http://] – Taryll Jackson (3T)
[http://] – Tom Felton
[http://] – Tom Hiddleston


[http://] – Celeb Network
[http://] – Design Site
[http://] – Shining Sky

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